Teacher Sites

Name Email Position Ext.
Altimus, Drew altimus_d@antwerpschools.org Physical Education, Athletic Director 2111
Bagley, Kayla bagley_k@antwerpschools.org Media Specialist, Broadcast Journalism 2134
Bailey, Pam bailey_p@antwerpschools.org Title I Reading 2230
Bauer, Christen bauer_c@antwerpschools.org Fifth Grade  2228
Billman, Doug billman_d@antwerpschools.org Health, Wellness, and Nutrition 2130
Billman, Shelly billman_s@antwerpschools.org Preschool Intervention Specialist 2210
Bok, Julie       bok_j@antwerpschools.org Kindergarten 221
Boterf, Jan boterf_j@antwerpschools.org Gifted Instructor 2157
Brooks, Crystal brooks_c@antwerpschools.org Second Grade 2213
Cox, Chad cox_c@antwerpschools.org Preschool Intervention Specialist 2220
Ehrhart, Cord ehrhart_c@antwerpschools.org High School Math and Engineering 2129
Feasby, Zacory feasby_z@antwerpschools.org Middle School Social Studies 2151
George, Brittni george_b@antwerpschools.org First Grade 2218
Girlie, Lisa girlie_l@antwerpschools.org Art 2142
Hale, Jason hale_j@antwerpschools.org Middle School Intervention Specialist 2147
Hammer, Diana hammer_d@antwerpschools.org Middle/High School Guidance 2156
Hammer, T.J. hammer_t@antwerpschools.org Elementary Intervention Specialist 2221
Hoeppner, Josh hoeppner_j@antwerpschools.org MS/HS Physical Ed. and Intervention Specialist 2153
Jewell, Susan jewell_s@antwerpschools.org High School Computer Science 2145
Kennedy, Tina kennedy_t@antwerpschools.org Kindergarten 2214
Lee, Zach lee_z@antwerpschools.org Kindergarten 2216
Lehman, Daniel lehman_d@antwerpschools.org High School Social Studies 2125
Lichty, Erin lichty_e@antwerpschools.org Elementary Guidance 2222
Lillemon, Mary  lillemon_m@antwerpschools.org  Middle School English/Language Arts 2149
Long, Harla long_h@antwerpschools.org HS Math/MS Lang. Arts 2150
Mabis, Linda mabis_l@antwerpschools.org Fifth Grade 2229
McMichael, Courtenay mcmichael_c@antwerpschools.org Kindergarten 2215
McMichael, Scott mcmichael_s@antwerpschools.org Elementary and Middle School Physical Education 2110
Miesle, Pat miesle_p@antwerpschools.org High School Social Studies 2126
Newell, Andrea newell_a@antwerpschools.org Band and Music 2113
Plassman, Marie plassman_m@antwerpschools.org Elementary Intervention Specialist 2227
Recker, Monica recker_m@antwerpschools.org Fifth Grade 2226
Reyes, Jassmine reyes_j@antwerpschools.org Fourth Grade 2224
Runk, Krista runk_k@antwerpschools.org Middle School Intervention Specialist 2148
Saylor, Alyssa saylor_a@antwerpschools.org Middle School English/Language Arts 2155
Scharr, Katie scharr_k@antwerpschools.org 1st Grade 2211
Schott, T.J. schott_t@antwerpschools.org High School English 2128
Short, Jon short_j@antwerpschools.org

Middle/High School Math

Sisson, Wade sisson_w@antwerpschools.org High School Science 2121
Smazenko, Betty smazenko_b@antwerpschools.org Fourth Grade  2225
Smith, Mary smith_m@antwerpschools.org Music 2208
Sorrell, Amy sorrell_a@antwerpschools.org High School English, Yearbook Adviser 2124
Staas, Renee staas_r@antwerpschools.org Second Grade 2212
Tempel, Emily tempel_e@antwerpschools.org Third Grade 2231
Tempel, Kurt tempel_k@antwerpschools.org Middle School Science 2159
Tomlinson, Jeff tomlinson_j@antwerpschools.org Middle School English/Language Arts and Math 2152
Vail, Lynette vail_l@antwerpschools.org Third Grade 2223
Wenninger, Kate wenninger_k@antwerpschools.org Speech/Language Therapist 2119
Weirich, Rick weirich_r@antwerpschools.org  Middle/High School Industrial Tech 2115
Zartman, Kyle zartman_k@antwerpschools.org Spanish 2127
Zuber, Ryan zuber_r@antwerpschools.org High School Science 2123
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