Archer Bullseyes 10/14/19

Mr. Hammer sends an Archer Bullseye to Jaxon Jones and Aiden Lichty for offering up a piece of their pizza from their Homecoming reward.

Mrs. Arnold sends a Bullseye to Isabella Jackson for working hard to get all her makeup work done after missing three days of school. 

Mrs. Carnes sends an Archer Bullseye to Brennan and Bailey in 3rd grade and to Maddox in 5th grade for staying behind to pick up trash in the lunch room without being asked.

Mrs. Saylor sends an Archer Bullseye to the middle school band and to Mrs. Newell for coming down to play the Fight Song, Blue, and 7 Nations. It was amazing! 

Mrs. Newell sends Archer Bullseyes to Maclaren Ehrhart for helping Ayden Himburg with his music during band and to Jared Phillips for showing up early to get all the percussion ready for our alumni last Friday night.

Mrs. Laker sends Archer Bullseyes to Julian Gaisford for being respectful and behaved in study hall and to Jack Carter for picking up trash that someone else left on the cafeteria table.

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