Archer Bullseyes 2/11/19

Aubrey Hammer gives an Archer Bullseye to Mrs. Bauer for always having a fun class and always being willing to help when needed.

Mr. Short gives an Archer Bullseye to the following students for scoring a 100% on their Geometry test:  Aewyn McMichael, Landon Brewer, Leila Spyker, Hannah Molitor, Kahlea Shook, Lucas Kennedy, Levi Miller, Brooke Molitor, Falynn McAlexander, Taylor Morales, Conner Shiple, Xander Smith, Lucy Wales, and Alex Zijlstra.

Lyndin Poor sends an Archer Bullseye to Parker Moore, Ethan Lichty, Aiden Lichty, Eli Reinhart, Aiden Provines, Lance McKeever, and Lydia Krouse for making room for him at their lunch table.

Case Trabel sends an Archer Bullseye to Noah Lucas for helping him with his animal project.

Mrs. Saylor sends Archer Bullseyes to Aewyn McMichael and Chloee Walls.  Aewyn, Mrs. Saylor appreciates your strong sense of sincerity, respect, and self-driven work ethic. You always go the extra mile with your assignments.  Chloee, Mrs. Saylor is so proud of you for stepping outside of your comfort zone, being brave, and verbally synthesizing and analyzing the poems we studied this week in class. It was not easy, and you did a wonderful job!

Mrs. Eicher sends an Archer Bullseye to Kaidan Dempsey.  Kaid stopped to help a kindergartner who had spilled his tray on the floor and stayed to help clean it up.  Your kindness is greatly appreciated by the staff in the auditeria.

Mrs. Lillemon sends an Archer Bullseye to Keegan Friend for staying after class to help out each day.

Mrs. Bauer sends an Archer Bullseye to Levi Monroe, Raeley Franklin, and Eli Lawrence.  Levi introduced himself and held a polite conversation with Mrs. Bauer in the hallway.  Thanks for showing The Archer Way, Levi!  Raeley has been working hard to improve herself in school every day. Mrs. Bauer is so proud of you, Raeley!  Eli is joining the 5th grade class quickly, making friends and working hard in his classes.  Keep up the great work, Eli!

Camden Fuller gets an Archer Bullseye for helping another student with his/her homework and for being a good friend.

Mr. Lichty gives an Archer Bullseye to David Puckett from the guidance counselor at Hicksville.  David saw Mrs. Chamberlain carrying a table by herself at the junior high basketball game.  David jumped in to help out!  Way to represent our school, David, and the Archer Way!

Mr. Lichty also sends an Archer Bullseye to all of his co-workers for stepping in to help things run smoothly while he was out with wrist surgery.  He also sends an Archer Bullseye to the Athletic Boosters and Student Council for your efforts and financial contributions toward our new school mascot.

Counselor Hammer sends an Archer Bullseye to the senior class for continuing to represent Antwerp positively through their scholarship applications.

Mrs. Newell and Mrs. Bauer send an Archer Bullseye to CJ Eaton.  Both teachers appreciate CJ helping out when needed.

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