Archer Bullseyes 2/19/19

Luke Brewer sends an Archer Bullseye to Dylan Hines for always being a positive influence in his life.

Mrs. Carnes sends an Archer Bullseye to Johnny Coker and Aaron Mylek for showing honesty, maturity, and integrity for admitting their mistake. Mrs. Carnes also sends an Archer Bullseye to Bailey Traxler for stopping to help a classmate pick up trash dropped in the lunch room.

Pamela Schneider sends an Archer Bullseye to Mrs. Girlie for being the best art teacher and for teaching one of Pammie’s favorite classes all year.

Counselor Hammer sends an Archer Bullseye to Logan Kuklo for offering to help her move chairs to set up for testing.

Landan Hunt sends an Archer Bullseye to Xander Smith for helping him with his science homework.

Mr. Altimus sends an Archer Bullseye to our bus drivers for getting our athletes and students to their destinations safely this winter.

Mrs. Saylor sends Archer Bullseyes to the following students: Quince Dickess, Taylor Morales, Emma Saul, and Myranda Brooks for being proactive and responsible by coming to Mrs. Saylor during AA to get assignments they would miss in their absence. She also sends one to Owen Brinnemen for being responsible and checking with Mrs. Saylor after his absence for any missing work.

Mrs. Saylor sends an Archer Bullseye to Brooke and Hannah Molitor for making up all work that was missed in their absences. You both take pride in your work. Bravo!

Kelsie Puckett sends an Archer Bullseye to the 7th grade boys’ basketball team for their excellent season. The entire team worked so hard and tried their very best this season. They didn't let that loss bring them down, and it made them stronger and more determined. You made our school proud. Good job, boys! Make us proud again next year!

Mr. Billman sends an Archer Bullseye to the student section at home boys’ basketball games.  Thank you for all your support this season. You make our home environment fun and energetic. This is something our players, coaches, and Archer fans all appreciate!

Mrs. Altic sends an Archer Bullseye to all the lunch ladies. You do a super job for our students, and we all greatly appreciate it!

Mrs. Runk sends an Archer Bullseye to Rachelle Maag. Rachelle is very responsible and hardworking. Rachelle had questions about an assignment while school was closed, so she emailed Mrs. Runk for clarification. Rachelle goes above and beyond to show that she cares about her work. Because of this, Rachelle is our new Middle School Student of the Week.

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