Archer Bullseyes 4/8/19

Mrs. Reyes sends one to Emerson Litzenberg and Kennedy Trabel for creating an awesome murder mystery team building activity for the student council spring meeting. These girls always go above and beyond for the organization.

Mrs. Reyes sends another Bullseye to Makenna Smith and Aeriel Snyder for creating a fun team building exercise for the spring student council meeting. They make a great president/vice president team for their class.

Lyndin Poor sends an Archer Bullseye to Parker, Ethan, Eli, Aiden, Aiden, and Lydia for making room for him at their lunch table.

Kaitlyn Rager, Kearstyn Pierce, and Kaylee Baum send an Archer Bullseye to Connar Shiple for helping them with their homework. Kearstyn also sends an Archer Bullseye to Austin Miller for helping her pick up her stuff when she dropped it in the hallway.

Mrs. Saylor sends an Archer Bullseye to her 7th grade ELA students for taking the practice test seriously. You put in so much effort and truly applied all the skills you have learned this year. Your essays were phenomenal. Apply yourself in the same way on the days of testing and you will knock it out of the park! I am so proud of each of you!

Mrs. Altic sends an Archer Bullseye to Mark Jordan for showing kindness in the lunch room and to the elementary students and their teachers for always using their "please" and "thank you"s with the lunch ladies. They appreciate your manners!

Mrs. Lillemon sends Archer Bullseyes to Karsen Donat and Braylen Moreno for helping and sharing with others to solve technical challenges and to Colton Bashore for being persistent when facing challenges and not quitting or giving up!

Mrs. Carnes sends an Archer Bullseye to Kali Jo Blake for helping out the younger kids in the library during the book fair. Kali was very sweet, showing them books they could afford and assisting them when they were ready to check out.

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