Archer Bullseyes 12/17/18

Halie Davis and Mallory Ehrhart are giving an Archer Bullseye to Jessica Walker for always brightening their day and never failing to make them smile!

Kelsie Puckett gets an Archer Bullseye for helping when her friend is struggling in class, always being nice, and being the best friend anyone could ask for!

Mrs. Lillemon gives an Archer Bullseye to Bryce Sholl for having a positive attitude, being polite, and staying after school to help her pick up chairs!

Mrs. Hammer gives an Archer Bullseye to Jeffrey Castillo for always being friendly, polite, and willing to help out, usually without being asked!

Mrs. Saylor gives an Archer Bullseye to Aiden Provines for apologizing when it might have been easier not to. Aiden took the high road and did the right the thing. Thank you, Aiden, for showing respect and apologizing. It is much appreciated!

Mrs. Saylor also gives an Archer Bullseye to Kyleigh Logan for participating epically in the 12 Days of Christmas. Your outfits have been amazing and your school spirit and enthusiasm are awesome!

Mr. Miesle gives Archer Bullseyes to: Lauren Schuller and Hailey Grant for their great improvement on their last Modern World History Unit Test; Lydia Brewer for consistently participating in class in a positive fashion; Breanna Fulk because her positive attitude and demeanor are contagious and put everyone in a better mood; and Nathan Dunstan, Kate Farr, Emerson Litzenberg, Gaige McMichael, Kennedy Trabel, and Kennadi Recker for their outstanding academic performance in Modern World History this semester.

Mrs. Runk gives an Archer Bullseye to Skyler Octaviano because Skyler noticed a student was struggling in class and jumped in to help out while she was helping another student!

Kaidan gives an Archer Bullseye to Mr. Short for helping him in math and making him responsible and being his overall favorite teacher!

Mr. Zuber gives an Archer Bullseye to Mrs. Hook because she goes above and beyond helping all students in his classes. She is an important asset to his physical science classes. Thank you for your help!

Brady Shull gives an Archer Bullseye to Landyn Reyes for always helping him with his work in physical science.

Mrs. Newell gives an Archer Bullseye to Aubree Rager, Autumn Smith, Carmen Cruz, Alex Lehman, Emma Shuherk, and Wade Payton for staying after school to help clean out the band uniform closet.

Lucas Kennedy gives an Archer Bullseye to Mrs. Jewell for continuing to help him with his easy but hard to find errors!

Mr. Lichty sends Archer Bullseyes to: the middle and high school choir groups for the great job at Thursday’s Winter Concert; the custodial staff for keeping our school looking clean and well-maintained; and the winter extracurricular groups for their great start to the winter season. Keep up the good work and continue to be a positive representation of our school!

Danica sends an Archer Bullseye to Allison for being such a good friend.

Mr. Billman sends an Archer Bullseye to Jahnessa LaFountain for her behavior and interactions with all of the students in her class and in the hallways. Mr. Billman says Jahnessa is mature and sincere and he is proud to have her in his class!

The calculus class sends an Archer Bullseye to Nathan Lee for performing the winter concert with a torn ACL! That is dedication to the maximum, Nathan!

Mr. Feasby sends an Archer Bullseye to Jessica Thornell and Eden Shuherk for helping their peers during 7th period social studies class.

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