Archer Bullseyes 12/10/18

Mr. Altimus gives an Archer Bullseye to Sydney Miller for helping him out in the AD office and getting the winter season off to a smooth start!

Mrs. Altic gives an Archer Bullseye to Levi Monroe for stepping up to help with the younger students on the bus. He has become a big help on the bus!

Cade Lothamer gets an Archer Bullseye for always being polite and willing to help.

Mrs. Lillemon gives an Archer Bullseye to Braylen Moreno because he is always willing to help others.

Mrs. Diana Hammer gives an Archer Bullseye to Mrs. Boterf for helping out whenever and however needed!

Mr. Feasby gives an Archer Bullseye to Mrs. Laker and Miss Curry for helping with his 7th period class.

Landon Reyes gives an Archer Bullseye to Mr. Zuber because he is an amazing teacher, is willing to help out any students with their work, and makes students want to do their best.

Mrs. Saylor gives an Archer Bullseye to Avin Johnson because Avin goes above and beyond in the area of respect. Daily, Mrs. Saylor sees and hears him address his teachers in the hallway with a kind greeting such as, "Good morning, Mrs. Saylor," while smiling and looking them in the eye. He is polite within the classroom as well with his teachers and classmates. Avin does this daily, without being prompted. His kindness occurs each day, regardless of what might be going on around him. He chooses to be respectful and kind, ALWAYS.

Brady Shull gives an Archer Bullseye to Gannon Peffley. Brady says Gannon always helps people when they need help and has helped him with his homework when asked!

Alex Phillips gets an Archer Bullseye for holding the door for everyone after the fire drill even though he was without his coat! He also always shuts the lights off after class without having to be asked do so.

Mr. Short and Mr. Tempel give an Archer Bullseye to Mr. Hale for helping out with technology in their classrooms.

Mr. Tomlinson gives an Archer Bullseye to Mr. Lichty for attempting to change the climate and culture of our school!

Mrs. Girlie gets an Archer Bullseye for figuring out the coffee schedule during winter days off, vacations, and the general chaos at this time of year!

Mr. Hale gives Mr. Lichty an Archer Bullseye for addressing the needs of the middle school staff in a timely manner.

Mrs. Jewell gives an Archer Bullseye to Bella Mitcham for always pushing the chairs in at the end of the school day in the computer lab.

Mr. Hoeppner gives Nick Jones an Archer Bullseye for earning a 100% on his nutrition test!

Students gave Mr. Hale an Archer Bullseye for being very nice and helping them with homework all the time!

Makenna Jones gave Mr. Lehman an Archer Bullseye because he took a lot of time to help her with her research paper. He would stay after school and look over her paper and would give her great feedback.

Jahnessa LaFountain gets an Archer Bullseye for showing kindness to all her peers.

Chloe Saul gave Charleen Ritchie an Archer Bullseye for giving Chloe her $20 back when she dropped it in the hallway!

Mia Altimus and Summer Franklin gave Archer Bullseyes to Grace Schuette. Mia said Grace helped her during study hall to get caught up on her missing Spanish. Summer said Grace lent a helping hand when she needed one to see out the window!

Mr. Lichty would like to give out two Archer Bullseyes, the first to Mrs. Kosch and Mrs. Lucas for being cheerful voices and friendly faces that welcome people to our school. He would also like to give an Archer Bullseye to the awesome Archer faculty and staff for everything they do for our students!

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