Archer Bullseyes 1/14/19

Mr. Zuber gives the following Archer Bullseyes: Zach Wollet for volunteering to walk a new student to her next period class. And Mrs. Reyes for all that she does for the students at Antwerp for organizing and supervising numerous activities to benefit so many and for the new Archer mascot fundraiser.

Pamela Schneider gives an Archer Bullseye to Kaitlyn Rager, Kearstyn Pierce, Eric Gonzalez and Immy Budd for being nice people and talking to her in art class. You are outstanding role models for The Archer Way.

Kaden Phares gives an Archer Bullseye to Kaden Recker for always being a good friend and helping him with many things.

Noah Bradbury gives an Archer Bullseye to Kayden Winslow for helping him with his history and ELA.

Gracie Stoller gives an Archer Bullseye to Allison Carnes for helping her study and keep her good grades.

Counselor Hammer gives an Archer Bullseye to Mrs. Bagley and the broadcasting crew for preparing the guidance announcements and Archer Bullseyes each week.

Jeffrey Castillo gives an Archer Bullseye to Mrs. Runk because she is a really nice person and happy every day and to his brother Logan for being a good role model.

Mrs. Lillemon gives an Archer Bullseye to Eden Shuherk for working hard in class, being polite, having her work done ahead of time, and always being willing to help others.

Mr. Billman gives an Archer Bullseye to Addyson Horrmann. Addyson is kind and caring to each and every person in our class. She always is willing to offer kind words of encouragement to each student during class. She also is willing to help out whenever things need to be set up or things need to be done. She is such a pleasure to have in class.

Mr. Tempel gives an Archer Bullseye to Brendan Weidenhamer, Braylen Moreno, Eden Shuherk, Jessica Thornell, Aiden Lichty, Gracie Stoller, and Madisyn Peters for doing awesome on their last science test!

Mrs. Girlie gives an Archer Bullseye to the Art Club for being an awesome bunch of creative people who are accepting and inclusive to others. You encourage diversity and are one with each other, which is great to see!

Mr. Tomlinson gives an Archer Bullseye to Allison Carnes, Ellie Clem, Miles Doster, Derek Hines, Aiden Lichty, Teeghun Marlin, Braylon Moreno, Madisyn Peters, Caroline Rohrs, Bryce Sholl, Eden Shuherk, Gracelyn Stoller, and Jessica Thornell. These students have shown continued excellence in 6th grade math over the entire course of the first semester!

Mr. Tomlinson also gives an Archer Bullseye to Mr. Short for being a great example of the The Archer Way through his positive attitude and efforts.

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