Archer Bullseyes 1/7/19

Mrs. Hammer gives an Archer Bullseye to all of the students, teachers, and staff members who helped make the End of Course retake tests run smoothly this semester.

Falynn McAlexander, Kearstyn Pierce, and Becca Hathaway give an Archer Bullseye to Mrs. Smith because she is the kindest, most caring, and nicest music teacher!

Kate Farr gives an Archer Bullseye to Mr. Schott for always helping her with her English and for his dedication to teaching English.

Kelsie Puckett gives an Archer Bullseye to Jahnessa LaFountain for always helping her with her homework and notes when she doesn’t understand them.

Kaden Phares gives an Arche Bullseye to Kaden Recker for helping him with his homework.

Owen Franks gives an Archer Bullseye to Bryce Sholl, Kayden Winslow, and Mr. Lichty: Bryce for offering to help with work without being asked, Kayden for helping other people with their computers, and Mr. Lichty for everything he does for our school.

Jahnessa LaFountain gives an Archer Bullseye to Jessica Walker because she is always so nice and caring and never fails to make her laugh, even when she is not in the mood.

Naomy Yanez gets an Archer Bullseye for being helpful when it comes to classwork and outside of school. She is so caring to everyone and is very cheerful. There is never a bad moment with Naomy!

Mrs. Long’s first period geometry class gives an Archer Bullseye to Mallory Mansfield for always being in a great mood, being kind to all the students in the class, and always being willing to help them.

Emily Laker gives an Archer Bullseye to Mrs. Reyes, Mrs. Smazenko, and Mrs. Mabis. Mrs. Reyes is really nice; when they went on their field trip, she gave students pencils and dojos. Mrs. Smazenko is very funny and nice, and Mrs. Mabis has really fun experiments and classes.

Danica gives an Archer Bullseye to Mrs. Reyes for being a good homeroom and ELA teacher.

Mrs. Hammer gives an Archer Bullseye to Adam Butzin for helping out with after school tutoring. Adam, you are an asset to this school in many ways!

Mrs. Carnes sends an Archer Bullseye to Emma Saul, Allie Rice, and Terica Brzozoski: Emma for picking up trash from the auditeria that wasn’t hers without being asked, Allie for helping pick up stations in the library without being asked, and Terica for always asking if there is something she can help with in the library. She usually goes above and beyond whenever we give her a task to do.

The Advanced Biology class gives Mr. Sisson an Archer Bullseye for challenging them and making them great (and for the tons of homework)!

Ms. Brooks gives an Archer Bullseye to Mallory Ehrhart for assisting a second grader before recess by taking the student to the office to get a winter coat.

Mr. T. gives the following Archer Bullseyes: Braylen Moreno for his thoughtful addition of a handmade placard to our Math Interaction Area; Miles Doster for thanking him for all his extra assistance; Austin Zuber for buckling down and bringing his math grade up so much; and Mrs. Saylor for thinking of her school family at the holidays.

Mrs. Saylor gives the following Archer Bullseyes: Lizzy Zartman for changing the date on her board, putting down chairs, and giving her your best effort in class. Mrs. Saylor appreciates you, Lizzy! Leila Spyker for being an amazing help during our winter workshop. Mrs. Saylor appreciates the effort and help you gave your classmates during the editing stages of our writing. Haley Hammer for helping her carry cookies to her room. You are always so kind. Connar Shiple for going above and beyond with your final Terabithia project. Your 3-D printed model is amazing. Thank you for taking pride in your work!

Caroline Rohrs and Maggie Trabel send Archer Bullseyes to Faith Clem. Caroline says Faith is the best friend you can have when you get sad and Maggie said Faith always makes her laugh when she is sad.

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