Superintendent's Message

October 2018 Superintendent Message

Dr. Martin Miller

A school excelling in Computer Science, Engineering, Journalism, and the Fine Arts

The start of the school year has been very busy, with many activities throughout the district.  I hope you have had the opportunity to attend one of the extracurricular events this fall.  A reminder that residents of our school district who are at least 65 years old are eligible for a free all-sports pass.  This is one of the many ways we thank our senior residents for their support of our school system.  If you have not received a pass yet, see Mr. Altimus in the Athletic Director’s Office.  He is usually available from 12:00 – 2:30 each afternoon.  The pass is good for admission to all home junior high and high school athletic events.  We will also be thanking our senior residents with a breakfast and entertainment program Thursday, October 25th at 8:15 a.m. in the Auditeria.  All district residents, age 65 and older are invited to join us for the 90-minute program.  In addition to the breakfast, Dr. Miller will have a brief presentation regarding updates to our school facility.  The morning program will conclude with a performance by our high school band and Show Choir.   Reservations are required and may be made by calling 419-258-5421, extension 2300 by October 19th.

A big thank you to parents and students for your cooperation with the pick-up of students around the large circle drive at the end of the school day.  Your assistance and cooperation have led to a safer and smoother flow of students out of our school facility.  Please continue to follow the directions of the staff supervising the circle drive and pull ahead as far as possible prior to picking up your child. Using the entire circle drive will allow us to load children more efficiently.  If possible, have your child get in the car on the sidewalk side.

In an effort to provide high quality extra-curricular and educational facilities for our students and community, discussions and planning with an architect/engineering firm is underway with two projects.  One of the projects is the construction of a new entrance and concession plaza for the football field/track complex.  Our hope is to have the project completed by August 2019.  The other project is the construction of an innovation and aqua-horticulture center in the proximity of the current patio area.  A completion date has not been established at this time.

Our school website is currently under construction with the unveiling of the new website scheduled for mid-November.  In addition to a new vibrant design and layout, our new website will feature a parent portal entitled ONEVIEW.  The ONEVIEW Portal will serve as a location for parents to complete student forms that in past years, had been completed with paper forms.  ONEVIEW is also the location that parents may use update student information such as change in address and/or contact numbers.  In addition, ONEVIEW Portal is the location that parents may visit to complete the registration process for new students to our district.
When ONEVIEW becomes operational, we will mail a letter to all parents with the instructions regarding how to enter and utilize the portal.  Thanks in advance for your assistance with this new endeavor and hope it provides an enhanced level of efficiency as we work together with the education of your children.
If you would like to receive this newsletter and the school lunch menu by email, you may sign up electronically by sending an email to newsletter-subscribe@antwerpschools.org  Your email should be blank; no message is necessary.  You will get a reply with simple instructions to complete your registration.

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