Superintendent's Message

January 2019 Superintendent Message

Dr. Martin Miller

A school excelling in Computer Science, Engineering, Journalism, and the Fine Arts

The hustle and bustle of December is coming to a close as we settle in for the winter months and a pattern of unpredictable weather.  The Honeywell Instant Alert notification system is a valuable tool to keep you informed of changes in the school day or activities.  You may make changes to your account at any time.  If you choose to only receive texts, please be aware that we are very limited with the length of texts allowed, so many times it is difficult to put an entire message in text format.  If you choose to receive messages via text, but not voice, I suggest also receiving messages through email to ensure you receive the entire message.  As always, if you have trouble with your account, please call Kathy Smith at 419-258-5421 extension 3.

January is School Board Recognition Month and a chance for all of us to say thanks to our school board members for the important work that they do for our school.  The positive leadership of the board members and their concern for the well-being of the students in our district continue to make Antwerp a great place to work, a wonderful place to go to school, and a source of community pride.  Our current Board of Education has 40+ years of experience leading our school district.  Board member Bob Herber is completing his 17th year, Board member Anita Bok is completing her 13th year, Board member Dennis Recker is completing his 7th year, Board President Sara Schuette is completing her 3rd year, and Board Vice-President Jayme Landers has served on the Board for the past 1 ½ yrs.

Our Solar Array has been in operation since January, 2018.  Over the course of the past eleven months, the district has netted $36,579.64 in saving with our electricity cost when compared to the prior year eleven month period of time.  Part of the savings can be contributed to the replacement of our lights to LED lights.  Over the past eleven months, the school district consumed 273,972 fewer KWH when compared to the prior year eleven month period of time.

As we finish out the first semester and move into the second semester of the school year, our teachers will continue to offer curriculum that meets or exceeds state standards and similarly prepares our students for the state assessments given to many of our students during the months of April and May.  These assessments will be computer based and similar to assessments given during previous years.  Furthermore, our teachers continue to integrate and incorporate technology into their daily instruction and student coursework.

At the end of each semester, state law requires the superintendent to report to the public the number of bullying/harassment cases in our elementary and middle/high school.  I am pleased to inform you that there were no cases in either building during the first semester.

January brings a new year and a renewed opportunity to work together for the benefit of our students.  Community support is neces­sary for our district to continue to improve. By working together, we will make a difference in the lives of the children in our district.

Go Archers,

Dr. Martin A. Miller

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