Academic Boosters

Mrs. Patti Kammeyer, a former teacher at Antwerp Local School, founded the Academic Boosters in 1991 for the purpose of promoting and acknowledging academic excellence among Antwerp Middle and High School students. Through community contributions and organization fundraisers, the Boosters sponsor quarterly perks and year-end trips for qualifying students, provide a book scholarship for qualifying seniors, and contribute to organizations (like quiz bowl, yearbook, and student council) and classrooms when needs arise. 
Gold Card: GPA of 3.67-4.0 (with no grade less than a B-)
Blue Card: GPA of 3.33-3.66 (with no grade less than a C+)

Pride Card perks include early dismissal to lunch (with teacher permission) and free admission to Antwerp athletic events (two events for gold and one event for blue). High school students may also be able to exempt year-end exams (at administration and teachers' discretion).
Mr. Wade Sisson
Academic Boosters Advisor
(419) 258-5421 ext. 2121